Warranty Policy

Warranty periods

Generally our products have a 1-year warranty (some products and monitors have 3 years of warranty), except for special products such as pre-tested products (processors, graphics cards, memories, etc.) and pre-installed replacement cooling solutions (eg. graphics cards) where the warranty is limited to three months unless specifically stated.

The warranty always starts from the date of the purchase. As a general rule, we will replace a defective product with a similar or replacement product with similar features.

The warranty for a replaced product does not reset the warranty period, but continues according to the date of purchase of the original product.

Warranty conditions

The warranty does not cover defects or damages caused by the mishandling of the customer.

The warranted product must always be in its original condition. Any modifications made to the product by the customer will void the warranty for the product.

Warranty returns

For warranty returns, kindly first contact us via email to determine if there is a defect. You will receive more detailed return instructions in our response message. We will always check the product for the reported defect first. Returns must be accompanied by order information and a defect report. Returns must be carefully packaged.

NOTE! For an unjustified warranty return, we charge a handling fee, as well as delivery costs charged by UPS. Any service costs will also be charged if the product has its own authorized warranty service.