About us

Engo Direct, from a humble start

We believe in small beginnings with big goals. Engo Direct is an online store established by a team with electronics in mind. Our company Engo Trading LTD was founded in 2020, during which we embarked in an endeavor to start with Hifi related product range, but with the intention to grow bigger and cover even a wider consumer electronics range. Due to our teams' understanding and in-depth collective knowledge on everything related to consumer electronics, we will surely offer a comprehensive and personalized assistance before you place your order.

Our warehouse is located in Quedgeley, Hardwicke, Gloucester GL2 4PA, with an easy access to our helpful reception desk available to hand over orders ready for pick up or take in returns on the spot. Our long term scope is to expand our premises to enable on-site purchase with product displays.

Our team at Engo Direct wishes you an easy, swift and convenient shopping experience!