Delivery method

All of our products are dispatched using DHL Express next day delivery.

The delivery time is normally 1-2 business days for DHL Express, however some factors outside of our influence may affect the actual delivery time, usually attributed to the responsibility of the courier company.


Shipping fees

We at Engo Direct are happy to offer our customers free delivery on all products, regardless of size, price or quantity.


Changing delivery information

Unfortunately, after the delivery has been dispatched, it is not possible to change the delivery information (such as the address).

It is always the responsibility of the customer to make sure that the delivery information/address is correct.

If however an incorrect delivery information has been given during checkout and the order has already been dispatched, kindly contact us at [email protected] or call us, so that we can revert the delivery and have the courier return the shipment to our warehouse. Once the shipment has returned, we can change the delivery information/address to the correct one.


Missed deliveries

If you happen to be away during DHL’s delivery attempt, 2 more attempts will be made the following days.

You can contact DHL directly to agree on a specific delivery time. You may also agree with the courier to leave the shipment to your neighbor.

If 3 delivery attempts have been made without success, DHL will keep the delivery in their logistics center for a minimum of 2 weeks, before returning the shipment back to us. On these cases, we will cancel the order and refund the customer fully.


Shipment delays

It is not unusual for shipments to be delayed. These delays are usually related to holidays, issues with the courier, bad weather or other factors outside of our influence. Engo Direct strives to keep up with the dispatch cut-off times, meaning that the shipments are always dispatched no later than 24 hours during weekdays.

If your order has been shipped but has not arrived within 1-2 days, kindly check the shipment tracking to find out the whereabouts of your shipment. Delays usually cause a few more days to the total delivery time.


Lost shipments

Unfortunately, there may be an unlikely event where the shipment is lost completely. There is no need to worry if a shipment is declared lost, as we will cover the loss and will refund the customer fully.

If you suspect your shipment to be lost, first contact DHL to find out about its whereabouts. DHL will do its best to track the shipment and provide further information. A shipment will be declared lost after at least 20 business days have passed since the dispatch. After this period, kindly contact us at [email protected] or call us, and we will initiate the process to declare the shipment lost and fully refund you within 3-5 business days.